Every 98 seconds, someone experiences sexual assault.

1 out of every 6 women and 1 out of 33 men will experience an attempted or completed rape in their lifetime. 9 out of every 10 victims are women.

Out of every 1000 rapes, only 310 of those rapes will be reported to police. 57 of those will lead to an arrest. Only 6 rapists will be incarcerated.
— from the Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network

Welcome to the Nebraska Sexual Assault And Abuse Prevention Organization's website

A solution created by our community, for our community, to target factors leading to sexual assault & abuse.



No MEans No Fest!


Photos by Kile McCurdy

Over 100 people attended No Means No Fest to fight back against rape culture in our community and empower marginalized artists! After an amazing night of music, art, poetry, burlesque, and education, we raised over $600! For all those that attended, we are immensely grateful for your support of our cause. If you missed your chance, don't worry! We'll be bringing more events like this your way, so keep in touch to discover all of the opportunities coming your way!

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Featured At...

We've been busy the past few months. Here's what we've done!


Dio Fest '17

NESAAP presented a workshop titled "Sexual Assault and Abuse Prevention" in Lincoln this fall. The workshop highlighted common manipulative tactics and how to spot them, as well as simple tricks to make the space around you even safer! We'll be using the aforementioned workshop in a Sexual Assault forum to come, so don't be sad about having missed it! 

That being said, we had a fantastic time at the event, attending amazingly informative panels and workshops, including "How To Say You're Sorry" and "Anti-Racism". This yearly festival is absolutely worth a visit for anyone wanting to learn more about community leadership, local politics, and amazing local bands!

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Spring Awakening Tabling and Talk-back

UNO Theatre presented the controversial and thought-provoking musical Spring Awakening towards the end of November. As the play contained a rape scene towards the end of the first act, UNO Theatre invited us to table the event. We had a representative attend every show, just in case anyone needed to talk about the jarring scene with someone that got it.

On November 29th, NESAAP President Ren Drincic joined UNO GSRC Director Jessi Hitchens, Dramaturg Lucas Perez-Leahy, and the cast of the show in a talk-back discussing the scene. It was a fantastic opportunity to deconstruct how notions of sexual taboo had evolved over the course of the history of this play. While the play was quite triggering for many, having the opportunity to discuss the themes in a validating and critical environment was a fantastic method of allowing victims to process the pain. 

Future UNO Theatre productions can be found on their website.


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Breaking the silence with KETV

KETV reached out to us for an interview following Matt Lauer's termination to inquire as to whether the boost in local reports coincided with the national media coverage.

You can watch the news clip here and read the interview here.


Our Team

We try to be as transparent as we can be. While our team is composed of a large number of members from a plethora of intersectional identities, here's a quick introduction to our board!

 Photo taken at NMNF '17 by  Kile McCurdy

Photo taken at NMNF '17 by Kile McCurdy

Mx. Ren Drincic, President of the Board

Ren was born to a pair of Serbian refugee doctors in 1995. Growing up autistic, they latched onto a variety of special interests throughout their adolescence including medicine, psychology, and disability studies. After recovering from a period of severe mental and physical illness, they decided to indulge in their interests professionally by pursuing a B.S. in Psychology at UNO. In addition to being president of the NESAAP board, they are also on UNO's MavRecovery and Queer Trans Services boards. They hope to go onto medical school after completing their undergraduate program.

They can be reached at ren.drincic@nesaap.org


Ms. Joselyn Aurora Winters, Vice President

Joselyn was born in 1992 in Chicago, Illinois, and has moved from California to South Carolina and many cities in between. She's currently completing a degree in Social Work at UNO, and aspires to be a Licensed Clinical Social Worker. Her experiences as a neurodivergent transgender woman factor a lot into her passion for helping marginalized individuals. She has previously worked with other organizations to develop safer spaces in the alternative music community, and also involves herself with trans rights activism and mental health and suicide awareness. 

She can be reached at communitycare@nesaap.org

 Photo by CJ Guerrero

Photo by CJ Guerrero

Ms. MauX Miller - Secretary

Bio coming soon!

She can be reached at resources@nesaap.org


Ms. Kai Inzunza- Treasurer & Art Director

Kai is a local artist with a passion for detoxing the communities she loves. A cat-lover, she designs zines in her spare time about her wonderful kitty, Pancake! More information coming soon!

She can be reached at finances@nesaap.org