Your Time

If you would like to become a volunteer for NESAAP, please fill out the following survey and submit!

Name *
Which fronts do you have the passion and skills to volunteer for? *
You can select as many as you like, and we'll set up an interview to get you on the proper team!

Your Money

We have a Patreon you can subscribe to for monthly donations, and we'll be releasing a PayPal in the months to come! For now, you can donate at our president's paypal, but make sure to place a comment on your donation indicating that the money is for NESAAP and they'll get it to our account once we open it.

Your Art

If you'd be willing to design flyers, submit your photography, or play at our benefit concerts, please e-mail us at

In exchange for donating your art/photography, we'll link to your portfolio anywhere that it is online. For physical art, we'll print your name in the corner of posters so that individuals seeking to commission from you will know the source. You will still retain all rights to your artwork.